Friday, August 31, 2012

My Living Area in Flogsta

So I figured I would post some of the photos of the area where I am living for the year. I am living in a corridor which has twelve rooms, one of them is always unoccupied but a German man keeps paying the rent. There are a bunch of little weird things like that in Flogsta. But I digress. So far we have about eight people living here, with four of them being international students. None of the international students come from the same country. We have a Polish student who grew up in France, a German student and a student from Mozambique who has never seen snow, and of course me from 'Merica. It sounds like a wacky sitcom that Fox would put out for two episodes before promptly being cancelled.

A furnished room in Flogsta
My barren room that makes me feel like I am living in a meth den

View from my desk. The windows swing open so I can't really open the main window. 

My bed and awkwardly placed chair that serves as a night stand

My book shelf with no books to fill it.

A Kitchen in Flogsta
The kitchen. Flogsta kitchens tend to get dirty because of the sheer number of people who live and eat in them. Mine has been clean so far. 

It is nice to sit in the morning and drink tea in the dining area. The rain makes the  air oh so fresh.

The common room where I can watch six channels which are all in Swedish.

My corridor is decorated in Swedish versions of American movie posters. It is really funny to see taglines and sometimes titles translated into Swedish. 

View from the balcony. Bikes on bikes. 

This is August in Sweden. 

Looking down the corridor.


  1. Where am I going to be sleeping when I come visit you for a month?

  2. You should get some speakers and set up late night Rave parties where you DJ weird East Russian dance music.