Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mexican Monday

The Start of Week Two of Exploring Jeju

We decided to hit up Jeju City after class to get some early dinner at Zapata’s in Jeju City. Yes we decided to get Mexican food in Korea. Apparently Zapata's is one of the few Mexican  restaurants on Jeju and generally considered the best. I like our track record of exploring the various foreign food restaurants in Jeju. It does give a good perspective; we see the Korean take on Mexican food. Largely in America we see the American take on Mexican food. I ordered a quesadilla which to my surprise was just two triangles of quesadilla, not the massive semi-circle I was expecting. But no matter, it was stuffed with beef and delicious delicious cheese. There really is not that much cuisine here which utilizes cheese and as soon as I bit into that quesadilla I remembered how much I had missed the melted and gooey dairy product. It speaks to how globalized the world is when a bunch of Americans can sit in a restaurant in Korea and eat Mexican food. The meal really hit the spot.

Afterwards we explored the city more looking to find a nice place to relax and perhaps grab a beer, unfortunately most places were closed, it being a Monday and all. We finally found a little coffee shop overlooking the street and had a cup of coffee and just relaxed. The rain and heat made walking fairly uncomfortable and we were all pretty beat. It was a nice slow Monday  that was slightly less lazy then Sunday. 
Zapata's interior in Jeju City
Inside of Zapata's, interesting choice of decor.

Zapata's menu, I do not think chili fries are a traditional Mexican meal. 

Borris's Brewery was sadly closed

Shots of the rainy roadways of Jeju City

LEGO education center. Probably the most fun education center ever.

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